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The Artist


Hi, I'm Lorelei, the artist (and everything else) behind Indigo Eden Arts. In no particular order, I am a wife, a mother, an animal lover, an outdoor enthusiast, a rock collector, and a diehard creative.  In recent years I have turned those creative tendencies toward metalsmithing.  I am hooked - there is just something about putting fire to metal that is so fulfilling.  I truly cherish the time that I get to spend at my jewelry bench.  It is all the sweeter when I get to translate a bit of my lovely surroundings here in Northern Michigan into jewelry to share with the world.  I hope that all of you enjoy wearing and gifting my jewelry as much as I enjoyed creating it.  

The Process


All the jewelry that you see on this site was created by me, Lorelei, here in my Northern Michigan workshop.  I use a wide variety of hand tools, a few power tools, a soldering torch, and a whole lot of effort to create each and every piece.  Most start as a simple sketch, a lovely stone, and some sheet metal and wire.  I make some pieces individually from start to finish.  With others, I make an original and have duplicates cast from it.  With rare exceptions, I do not make my own chains.  Fine chains are best when made by machine.    

The Materials


I use fine and sterling silver, copper, brass and gold.  When possible, I prefer to use recycled metals, and my scrap is recycled.   Many of the stones that I use are collected locally and cut and polished by a local craftsmen.  Some come from further afield, but I personally choose them all.   

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