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Sterling silver earrings with Petoskey stone and Leland blue beads that swing freely.

Approximately 3 inches long including the earwire and just over 1 inch wide. 

Earwire is sterling silver.


Despite their eye-catching size, these earrings are light and easy to wear.  I don't care for heavy earrings so I made sure to design these to be light. 


The 4th photograph is the same style of earring with a different stone.  I included this so that you can the size more clearly.  You will receive the Petoskey stone earrings, NOT the turquoise earrings in photo #4.  


Petoskey stones are a fossilized coral most often found in Lake Michigan.  The vast majority are found in the Little Traverse Bay region of Lake Michigan near the towns of Petoskey and Harbor Springs, Michigan.


Leland blue is a glass-like byproduct of the iron industry in Northern Michigan.  Well over 100 years ago this byproduct, called slag, was discarded in Lake Michigan.  It has been washing up on shore ever since, especially near its namesake town of Leland, MI.  Jewelers and rockhounds have been collecting and using this "stone" for years.  In my limited experience, it seems to be getting harder to find, especially cut and made into beads.


Both Petoskey stones and Leland blues vary a lot in color and pattern.  Your earrings will be unique and the stones may not look exactly like these. I work with local stone cutters and personally choose the best stones in pairs that look good together.  I have included a photo with several pairs to show some of the variety.  This listing is for ONE pair of earrings only. 



Chandelier earring with Petoskey Stone and Leland Blue beads

  • This will be sent to you in a gift box, whether it is a gift for yourself or a loved one.

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